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Welcome to my site!

As property is usually the biggest purchase of anyone, I want my clients to feel that they are in safe hands throughout the whole journey. When in sports, I hold the same philosophy too.

What I do

Same same but different

Project and Career Mentoring

I have been in project marketing ever since I joined the industry in 2014. As a project team leader, I have been sharing my knowledge with various project teams over the years.

Some of the topics I frequently share are basic financial calculations, to advanced portfolio planning and presentation skills.

We want to win together as a team.

Asset Planning and Progression

Progression does not always mean from HDB flat to private condo. Sometimes it's location, size or even value. And not all the time "upgrading"!

I actually had clients moving from landed properties to HDB flat as they find the landed too big to retire in.

Having the right plans is very important as we usually cannot afford to make mistakes with property purchases.

RES Exam Guidance

There are many who wish to join the industry but the exam prove to be a very big barrier. That's why we have revision and discussion groups to give the best possible chance for those taking the exam to pass.

There is no obligations to join us if you are in our group and passed your exams. You are free to join any one from any agency. Totally no cost to you. We believe in sharing without expecting returns.

You are the driver and I'm the GPS. Together we can get to your goals faster. Be it career, retirement or financial freedom.

- Andy Chua

What's the difference?

It's in the details

Professional Video

Professional video will showcase your property in a completely different level as compared to those DIY ones. Thus I prefer to engage external professionals for this important aspect of marketing.

Sure, the cost is higher, but your property is worth it. Click here to visit my YouTube channel to see some of the videos I done for my clients.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour allows potential buyers to “view” the house and have some ideas before the physical viewing. This will reduce the risk of viral transmission during this pandemic period and also filter out buyers who may not like the layout.

It also allows buyers who have seen the unit to check out certain areas they might have missed during the initial viewing.

DSLR Photography

Being an avid photographer myself, I expect the best quality photos to justify your beautiful house. See the difference between the two photos below. Which one will be more likely to attract you to arrange for viewing?

Latest! ZiWei FengShui

During Covid lockdown, I attended various FengShui courses to add on to my knowledge. Since 2020, I have combined the science of finding a property with the art of ZiWei FengShui. If you are a believer of FengShui, I can incorporate this during the house hunting process.

Some happy clients

You are in safe hands!

Andreas & Jasmine
Tenants of private condo

​“We have been living in Singapore for over 9 years now and have moved around quite a bit. When it came to choosing a new place, we were ideally looking for a quiet condo unit with balcony and a view.

After getting in touch with Andy Chua, who had an ad online for a property sounding like it would suit our needs, we didn’t hesitate to contact him.

We received a reply very quickly and a viewing was scheduled in the following couple of days. It didn’t take us long to decide this was the right place for us since it was just as the description given by Andy.

We have rented several places before however it must be said that this one stands out most to us since Andy made it such a swift transition. From paperwork to handing over the keys, all was completed to our convenience. Since we have moved in, we keep in touch with Andy and he is always there to assist!”

Edwin & Shirley
Asset Upgraders

“Andy has exceeded our expectations in service delivery. He is pro-active, understands the property market well and has a strategy when marketing our property. Within a short time, we had a few offers for our property and accepted an offer within 1 week after it was listed for sale. ​
We had put up our flat for sale in the market for a few months and had only 1 viewing via another property agent. We got to know Andy at an event and he was sharing with us on the property market climate and current market conditions.

From our conversation, Andy is very knowledgeable and understands the market well. We decided to let Andy market our flat and we had the first viewing within the first few days of listing. There were a few more viewings and offers thereafter. We accepted an offer that exceeded our minimum target price, and all this happened within a week; to our surprise things moved so quickly.

If you want someone who is proactive, determined and responsive, look up Andy."

Jeff & Zhao Ren
Asset Upgraders

“Due to the expansion of family, our 4 room HDB no longer able to accommodate all family members and we are looking to change to a bigger unit and chance upon a new launch of EC project which is located a stone throw away from my HDB.

However, as the 5 year MOP for my HDB has not been met, in order to qualify for the purchase, an appeal to waive the MOP from HDB is required.

We tried to request for the waiver by writing to HDB on our own and even seek assistance from MP but all were not successful.

We are lucky to know Andy who has helped to analyze the situation and provided suggestion on the next best course of action. He also provided comments to our appeal letter which we redrafted and submit to HDB for one last time before giving up. ​

Finally, we succeed in getting the waiver and finally able to have the home now in this beautiful estate.

After we received keys to our EC about 3 years later, we engaged Andy to sell our existing 4 room HDB flat as well. He managed to help us get a good price within a short time”

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